GUI version of NanoMigrator C# tool for database migration

MS SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB and Oracle are supported.

NanoMigrator CLI

NanoMigrator is a C# tool to apply migrations (up and down) to database. MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB and Oracle are supported.


  • simple: just a SQL/CMD/BAT/EXE files in specific folder;
  • support several environments (custom connection groups, such as development and production);
  • support several databases per environment.


First, install NuGet. Then, install NanoMigrator from the package manager console:

PM> Install-Package NanoMigrator


First, create config file databases.nmjson like next:

  "migrationsDirectory": "migrations",
  "migrationsTable": "migrations",
  "connectionGroups": {
    "development": {
      "TestSqlServerLocalDatabase": {
        "driver": "SqlServer",
        "connectionString": "Data Source=(localdb)\\MSSQLLocalDB;AttachDbFilename=c:\\mydir\\my_database_file.mdf;Initial Catalog=MY_DATABASE"
        "driver": "SqlServer",
      "TestMySqlDatabase": {
        "driver": "MySql",
        "connectionString": "server=localhost;user id=root;password=123456;database=MY_DATABASE;persistsecurityinfo=True;charset=utf8"
      "TestOracleDatabase": {
        "driver": "Oracle",
        "connectionString": "user id=root;password=123456;data source=(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST="


Create test migration UP file migrations\0001_TestSqlServerLocalDatabase_My_first_migration.sql (change TestSqlServerLocalDatabase to your connection name):


Create test migration DOWN file migrations\0001_TestSqlServerLocalDatabase_My_first_migration_DOWN.sql (change TestSqlServerLocalDatabase to your connection name):


Next, test connections:

PM> NanoMigrator status

To simulate migration, run:

PM> NanoMigrator simulate

To migrate to the last version, run:

PM> NanoMigrator migrate

To revert all migrations, run:

PM> NanoMigrator migrate 0

Run NanoMigrator without arguments to get more help.

Migration files

Migration files are *.sql/*.cmd/*.bat/*.exe files in folder, specified in migrationsDirectory parameter of config file (subfolders are also scanned). Each file name must be in the next format:



  • index is a positive integer number (leading zeroes are possible);
  • name is connection name (TestSqlServerLocalDatabase, TestSqlServerFromAppConfig or TestMySqlDatabase for config file listed above);
  • description is a transaction description text;
  • postfix is a optional part (may be: UP/FOR for forward migration file or DOWN/REV for revert migration file); when ommited then forward migration file is assumed.

NanoMigrator run *.cmd/*.bat/.exe migrations in the next maner:

  • argument %1 - active connection string in driver:connectionString format (for example: MySql:server=localhost;user id=root;password=123456;database=MY_DATABASE;persistsecurityinfo=True;charset=utf8);
  • environment variables MIGRATION_DB_<CONNECTION_NAME> - connection strings to all known databases in driver:connectionString format.

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